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As a temporary employment agency, “JOB IN EUROPE” has been supporting companies from Poland by providing HR services. We are currently looking for…
Small Biznes Group LLC is a premier full service Foreign Education consulting firm functioning successfully in Georgia since 2011. We are certified education adviser…
Smart Biznes Group LLC Tourism Services since 2011 needs no foreword. It has indubitably tendered its clients with an outstanding one stop travel solution. It offers…


Choosing the best company to facilitate your business or holiday travel is not a choice to be taken lightly. You need the confidence that your business or holiday travel provider will exceed your expectations. At Sion Tour and Travel, we package unrivaled quality tour and travel solutions to make your travel experience great and memorable.

We Provide Work Permit Services for all European Counties. We are connected with so many companies,factories,and other sectors for the long time. We have open work permit for all in which people will get two types work permit.this is the great opportunity to take a chance and make standard of living much better.


100% Up Time Guarantee
We provide you with a 100% up time guarantee which covers the availability of all aspects, we believe that a good company consists of well-educated and experienced people. Our industry-recognized experts have a wide range of experiences gained through consulting and direct positions at various business levels.
Dedicated Support
Smart Biznes Group LLC has a dedicated support team that constantly works around the clock to provide our customers support via different modes.We are committed to have the right answers for all your questions.
Lighting Fast
We are able to bring a one of a kind service that ensures expedience and kindness to each delivery we do. Our reputation for reliability and expediency speaks for itself. We have worked with a variety of major airlines over the decades. Our pick-up and drop off times plus 24 hour/7 days a week availability can’t be beat.
Entirely Secure
Operating on a small scale as a provider of guarding services to financial institutions and commercial organisations and to some a very small extent installation of burglar/intruder systems.
Flexible Pricing Plans
Our flexible pricing plans offer several options on how to pay for the work you might require, including: Payment by the Hour: For clients who want to pay for their projects based on the number of hours worked, we offer very reasonable hourly rates that are a fraction of those charged by other law firms.
Best Consultation
Our team of experts leaves back no points in taking ahead the client’s case against the legislation, providing him/her with an utter satisfaction.